Designing and Printing

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Designing and Printing customized for business.Exclusive designed for Hospitals Educational Institutions , Hotel Stationery for Guest and inhouse that is our core strength.

1) Visiting Cards

Business cards primarily include the logo or graphic identity of your organization, along with the name, contact details and e-information like your web address and e-mail address.

Type of visiting Cards:

  • Art Paper
  • Spot uv
  • velvet
  • Non-Tearable

2) I.D Cards

Type of I.D Cards:

ID cards printing - without lanyard

  • I.D. Cards:- Plain SAtin Lanyard

ID cards printing - with Satin lanyard

  • I.D. Cards:- Printed SAtin Lanyard


We at telegrafiks prints our letterhead on 100 GSM premium paper & 100 gsm royal executive bond paper with multi color original graded ink printing for high quality life like prints.

Type of Letterhead Cards:

  • Premium White
  • Excetive Bond

4) Envelopes

We offer 9.5x4.5 and 9x12 inch envelope on 100 gsm premium paper. We also offer custom size laminated, cloth envelope with and without window.

  • 9.5x4.5 inch 100 gsm side opening
  • 9.5x4.5 in - 100 gsm Top Open Envelope

5) Certificate

We at TELEGRAFIKS offers you with online certificate printing in multi color ink in A4 portrait and landscape orientation. Certificates are printed at our end on 300 GSM art paper.

6) Note Pad

Note pads are another inexpensive marketing gift with relatively high usage value. We print high quality notepad with option to choose from spiral or wiro bound.

7) Bill Books

We print bill books in A4 and A5 size in both landscape and portrait format with 1 color & multi color printing with upto 1+2 booklet printing. Parent copy is printed on white bond paper 90 gsm and duplicates on 70 gsm color sheets pink/yellow.

  • A5 Single colour 1+2 Booklet
  • A5 Multi colour 1+2 Booklet
  • A4 Single colour 1+2 Booklet
  • A4 Single colour 1+2 Booklet

8) Standee

Standees also known as pop up banner and display banner stand. 2x5 ft & 3x6ft roll up standees printed on star flex & Non Terrable Digital material, comes with aluminium rods, stands, cover, and lock. Prices are all inclusive.

Type of Standee:

  • 2x5 ft Rolling standee ( star Flex)
  • 3x6 ft Rolling standee ( star Flex)

9) Folder Printing

We at telegrafiks offers you with online folders printing in multi color ink A4 size with inner pocket on the right hand side to carry paper. Open size of these folders is A3 i.e. double of A4 size.

10) Paper Bag Printing

There are various type and grade of paper which we can use for printing paper bags. Depending upon the budget, size and strength required there can be different options. We have listed below some of the most commonly used paper:-

Type of Paper Bag Printing:

  • Kraft paper
  • Ivory board paper bags
  • Art paper
  • Duplex board

Paper Bags Handles:

  • PR Rope
  • Cotton Rope
  • Satin Ribbon Handle
  • Grossgain Ribbon
  • Twisted paper which is mostly used
  • Flat paper handle

Paper Bag Sizes:

  • 5.5x3.25x8.25 inches
  • 5.5x3.25x13 inches
  • 10x5x10 inches
  • 10x5x13 inches
  • 13x6x16 inches
  • 13x7x13 inches
  • 13x7x17 inches
  • 16x6x12 inches
  • 16x6x16 inches
  • 16x6x19 inches
  • 16x7x18 inches


Flyers are also known as Leaflets and Pamphlets. Standard size is A4 & A5 size for flyers. We print flyers in 100 gsm, 130 gsm and 160 gsm art paper.

  • A5 size single side print
  • A5 size both side print
  • A4 size single side print
  • A4 size bOTH side print

12) Brochure Printing

A4 size folded (Open size of brochure is A4 size, there is just a single A4 sheet printed front/back with folding.)

  • Open Size A4 brochure - 160 gsm

4 pages A4 size Open size of brochure is A3 size (double of A3), there are 2 A4 sheet printed front/back with central folding/creasing